Monetize your YouTube channel in 2020

Different ways to monetize your YouTube channel for YouTubers
Monetize your YouTube channel in 2020

We talk about different ways to monetizing your YouTube channel in 2020 in this post. YouTube from reaching more people and growing a brand, you can start monetizing on the YT channel and get paid. However, you need to grow your audience before you can start earning. You can use any or both, depending on your audience and preferences.

3  Ways to Start Earning on your YT


1. YT AdSense

While YouTube Originals is becoming popular, advertising is the biggest revenue for the site. The company pays content creators more than half of the money collected through AdSense. Therefore to earn from the platform, you must link your AdSense account.

Second, you must have over 1000 subscribers on your YT to earn from this source of revenue. Also, the minimum watch time is 4000 watch hours, regardless of how many videos are on your channels.

2. Sponsored content

Companies and brands may contact you for product placement. For example, if you are a beauty channel, a company making beauty products may use your YT to reach clients. It allows creators to work with brands as long as the product and services on the videos are legal.

3. Patreon

If you have a successful YT channel and you want a consistent monthly income, sign up on Patreon. Also, encourage your viewers to subscribe to your Patreon page for the exclusive content. Unlike YT, where the income is based on watch hours, the platform is based on members’ contributions.

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